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#ifndef UI_H
#define UI_H

#include "ui_binding.h"
#include <curses.h>
#include "ui_style.h"
#include "ui_draw.h"
#include "ui_cli.h"

/* actions checked for by hnb.c */

/* must have both of these bound to backspace for some reason*/
/* the third one to work with win32 pdcurses thingy */
/*#define UI_BACKSPACE 127
  #define UI_BACKSPACE3 8mencoder stream.dump -ovc lavc -lavcopts vcodec=mpeg4:vpass=2:vbitrate=905:vhq:v4mv:keyint=120 -oac copy -o spawn_p2.avi

/* initializes the curses ui sets keyboard mode etc.
void ui_init ();

/* returns the terminal to the state it had before ui_init
void ui_end ();

/* waits until a curses event occurs, translates it according
   to the defines above in this file, and returns the new
   value. (also processes some of the events like resize itself)
int ui_input ();

/* used for approximately guessing how much we should skip 
   when page up/page down is requested.
extern int hnb_edit_posup;
extern int hnb_edit_posdown;

extern int ui_inited;

void ui_getstr (char *prompt, char *datastorage);

#define undefined_key(a,c)\
      docmdf(pos,"status \"No action assigned to '%s'(%id) in %s-mode\"",tidy_keyname(keyname(c)),c,a);\

#define info(a)\

#define infof(a,b)\
      {char msg[80];\

#ifdef WIN32
#undef undefined_key
      /*pdcurses in windows defines control keys etc.. flashing errors is not nice */
#define undefined_key(a,c)

#endif /* UI_H */

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