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#ifndef PATH_H
#define PATH_H

/* converts a pathstring to a node in the tree, ps, the tokenizer escapes
 double //'s as a single / without splitting the things at the sides
 a /// means,.. a slash at the end  of token, and new token coming
Node *path2node (char *path, Node *root);

Node *matchpath2node (char *path, Node *root);

 same as above,.. but forcing and recursive (creates the nodes as we go
 if they don't exist)
Node *path2node_make (char *path, Node *root);

/*    create an absolute path like 
      for the node (ccc) specified
      FIXME: it uses a static char array,.. that is reused..
      probably not the best way.. but..
char *node2path (Node *node);

/* numeric paths...

            / goto root
            0 go down none
            / go right
            3 go down three
            / go right
            2 go down two
            / go right
Node *no_path2node (char *path, Node *root);
char *node2no_path (Node *node);

#endif /*PATH_H */

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