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node.h File Reference

Detailed Description

what about creating keys that are used for the data stored in nodes?

definition of node

Datastructure for the nodes in the tree is defined in this file,

Definition in file node.h.

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struct  Node
struct  Node_AttItem


#define if_node(a, b)   ((a)?(b):0)
#define node_down(node)   if_node((node),(node)->down)
#define node_getflag(node, flag)   if_node((node),((node)->flags&(flag)?1:0))
#define node_getflags(node)   if_node((node),((node)->flags))
#define node_getpercent_done(node)   (node?(node->percent_done):-1)
#define node_getsize(node)   (node?(node->size):-1)
#define node_left(node)   if_node((node),(node)->left)
#define node_right(node)   if_node((node),(node)->right)
#define node_setflag(node, flag, state)
#define node_setflags(node, tflags)   if_node((node),(node)->flags=(tflags))
#define node_setpercent_done(node, new_percent_done)   (node?(node->percent_done=new_percent_done):-1)
#define node_setsize(node, new_size)   (node?(node->size=new_size):-1)
#define node_toggleflag(node, flag)   ( node_setflags((node), (node)->flags^(flag) ) &flag)
#define node_up(node)   if_node((node),(node)->up)
#define old_node_setflag(node, flag, state)


Node * node_duplicate (Node *node)
void node_free (Node *node)
char * node_get (Node *node, char *name)
Node * node_new ()
void node_set (Node *node, char *name, char *data)
void node_unset (Node *node, char *name)

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