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!cli cli_add_command ("export_dot", export_dot, "<filename>");

!clid int export_dot ();

#include <config.h>

#include <stdio.h>

#include "cli.h"
#include "tree.h"
#include "file.h"

#define indent(count,char)    {int j;for(j=0;j<count;j++)fprintf(file,char);}

static void dot_export_node (FILE * file, Node *node)
      Node *parent = node_left (node);

      if (parent) {
            fprintf (file, "\"%s\" -> \"%s\";\n", node_getdata (parent),
                         node_getdata (node));
      } else {
            fprintf (file, "\"%s\" -> \"%s\";\n", "hnb", node_getdata (node));

int export_dot (char *params, void *data)
      Node *node = (Node *) data;
      char *filename = params;
      Node *tnode;
      int startlevel;
      FILE *file;

      file_error[0] = 0;

      if (!strcmp (filename, "-"))
            file = stdout;
            file = fopen (filename, "w");
      if (!file) {
            sprintf (file_error, "dot export, unable to open \"%s\"", filename);
            return (int) node;
      startlevel = nodes_left (node);

      tnode = node;

      fprintf (file, "digraph hnb{\nrankdir=LR;\n");

      while ((tnode != 0) & (nodes_left (tnode) >= startlevel)) {
            dot_export_node (file, tnode);

            tnode = node_recurse (tnode);

      fprintf (file, "}\n");

      if (file != stdout)
            fclose (file);
      return (int) node;

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